Waxing Poetic About the Opportunity to Publish

Jul 10, 2020

The story of three CICS students working on a class assignment and finding themselves published in a journal is a great one. Have you heard it? We aren’t fishing for compliments, this happened. In the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, though, having our grad students published happens more often than one may expect. That’s the benefit of working with tenured professors who have had extensive careers in and stay current in industry.

When asked about their class assignment being published, Bryan Fortriede, Lindsey Neeley, and Jake Skinner replied with, well, a poem. Rather than explain the experience, let’s enjoy this:

In the back of Jones’ class, wringing with rain,
The eldest students gathered to weather (ICS) 620 pain.

As part of the course a paper was assigned,
And the group was tasked a topic to find.

When word got around that IEEE could be won,
They put their heads together, three heads as one.

When Jake brought the idea of writing blockchain,
The group thought it good for the digital terrain.

They researched their parts and wrote and wrote,
And finished their writing with many a quote.

Bryan wrote of the section for the base of the paper,
Of how Blockchain can affect the educational sector.

Then the time came to publish for the IEEE,
The paper was condensed by the skills of Lindsey.

And how did it look when their paper was selected,
From peers congrats, published and accepted.

We were asked how this happened, to tell if we wish,
And so we decided, well, what ‘da fish?

Wait. What’s all this talk of fish? Well, that is Dr. Jones favorite past time outside of his teaching and family. Oddly enough this photo was taken around the time the article was published, but that’s not fishy at all if you know Dr. Jones. Though he was enjoying the great outdoors when the article debuted, he did comment “The fact that they did note all were working full-time when they ground this out, plus at least two rewrites from IEEE, it was definitely a strong performance.”

Dr. Jones conferring with  trout in the mountains of Pennsylvania

In a more traditional explanation, Lindsey describes their journey, Our road to becoming published authors started on the first day of our ICS 620 (Information and Communication Technologies) class in the Fall 2019 semester with Dr. Jones. Bryan, Jake, and myself found what would become our permanent weekly seats in the back of the room where Dr. Jones was quick to notice us since we were his eldest students”.

“It was on this day”, according to Lindsey, that “Dr. Jones went over the class requirements and the challenges involved. He told us that we would have the opportunity to be published in IEEE if our research projects met the relevancy and standards of the publication. I think we all knew right away this was something we all wanted to accomplish“.

Many graduate students may not find the challenge of being published in a journal worth the effort. But, that seems to be what sets CICS and our professors apart. Dennis Trinkle, Director of CICS, explains the culture of CICS like this “Our students seek to be a part of something more than a degree or to have a designation. They come to learn and leave to lead, innovate and create.” He also congratulated Bryan, Lindsey and Jake on the day of the article announcement, “we are very proud of you for your excellent work and leadership.” Indeed!

Lindsey explains that the process to turn a paper into a journal article wasn’t an easy one, “we all worked full-time and most had family and obligations that our younger classmates did not.  Despite this, we knew these short term struggles would lead to long term fulfillment within our personal lives and careers. The stress and hard work was worth it and we are now proud, published authors!”

You can find the article, “How Blockchain Solutions Can Improve the Education Sector” here. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology. The article is in the IEEE Future Directions section under Technology Policy and Ethics, which IEE describes as “IEEE Future Directions considers the reflection of technology through the lens of social implications a key tenant of our work as we incubate and promote technologies. Technology Policy and Ethics will present articles that address policy and ethics considerations in developing new technologies.”

Congratulations to Bryan, Lindsey and Jake for casting out and reeling in a big one; accomplishment that is, a big accomplishment!