Three CICS Graduates Recognized for Outstanding Teamwork

Jul 26, 2021

In an academic year like 2020-2021 and a professional masters program like CICS it makes sense that when the faculty votes on the teamwork award there cannot be just one winner. Three of our students are being recognized for their incredible teamwork during their masters program. At the awards ceremony following graduation it was clear based on the student response when these names were announced that these awards were deserved.

Haley brings an incredible amount of energy into the room, she makes others feel more confident because of how she engages with them, and during this particular year, that was so important. Not only is she outgoing and dynamic, Haley is incredibly talented and has an incredible work ethic. Dr Kovac mentioned constantly being impressed with her productivity as well as her EQ which enabled her to help everyone around her.

Dr. Becky Hammons pointed out that on every team Kenneth was the most constant source of calm support for the team. Others on the faculty provided examples of areas in which Kenneth stepped up for others without necessarily stepping into a spotlight. Overall, the consensus among the faculty is that Kenny makes every team that he is on better because of his compassionate, constant, and often quiet approach, which is vital in a program as intense as CICS.

Zoe served CICS in many ways this year. By being a clear leader of the Women Working in Tech annual conference she was certainly busy and challenged. However, she made time for everyone and made an effort to create memories and friendships. Perhaps the most commented on contribution with Zoe as not the intense amount of energy and output that she created, but the empathy and selflessness that she brought into the center every single day.

Our program and certainly this cohort are bette because of these amazing teammates, congratulations for the recognition of your contributions!!!

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