Seth Tocco Receives Award for Service to CICS

Jul 26, 2021

This year the faculty of CICS designated a unique award for a student that made many unique contributions to The Center for Information and Communication Sciences. Taking initiative, being innovative and constantly smiling as he agreed to more projects that we could even list, Seth Tocco established himself as not only a team player, but as a graduate who gave consistently throughout the year to make CICS better.

As you look at Seth’s background it wouldn’t surprise you find that he has a passion for creating content. One would expect him to be on the Women Working in Tech Conference marketing committee, to help create a podcast strategy and develop the elements around that, to take over the graphics and social media for CICS on One Ball State Day where we set records for fundraising and engagement, to create video content for multiple areas of CICS. But, that used to be his full time job, not something he was doing with that spectacular smile and immense positivity while he was earning an 11 month masters degree, but he did that and so much more.

Seth served as a marketing and communications graduate assistant with Dr. Anna Stumpf this year. “I would often forget that I was working with a graduate student, Seth has a creative and strategic mind that is always two steps ahead, couple that with his passion for CICS and his willingness to add value and he was a valuable colleague that I began to rely on for projects and collaboration to the point I’m not sure how I can work without him!

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