Nouhan and Womack Recognized for 4.0 GPA

Jul 26, 2021

Earning a top ranked graduate degree in just eleven months is hard. Earning that degree in the middle of a pandemic when the cohort is such a vital part of the success of the thirty four year old program is a bigger challenge than most would want to take on. But, to do all of this with a perfect 4.0 GPA is incredible.

When presenting it, Dr. Dennis Trinkle, Director of CICS stated “The Academic Award recognizes academic success and it goes to the students who achieve the highest level of academic performance.” However, both of these graduates served as graduate assistants as well. As the CICS Student of the Year for 2021, you can read about Christopher Nouhan here. Christopher and James were also on this publication team and had worked published in IEEE. Both of these serve as evidence that not only were these graduate students working on their academics, but they were building a professional portfolio, networking and more.

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