Kirsten Smith Highlighted as Inspiring Women Working in Tech by AOTMP

Jun 10, 2021

In the June 2021 issue of Insights the AOTMP organization highlighted 22 women in tech, including our own Kirsten Smith.

AOTMP®, the Association of Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Professionals, is a membership organization dedicated to serving the more than 10 million professionals who support the $4.3 trillion dollar industry around the globe. The association’s mission is to bring these professionals together to help advance the industry while bringing more value and impact to their respective organizations.

In introducing the month’s dedication to women, Debbie Antrim, Sr. Director of Engagement at AOTMP® states “We are so excited to use this forum to showcase women in technology. We are featuring 22 outstanding ladies and their stories. They cover many different roles and have some very diverse backgrounds. You won’t be able to read their stories without smiling and being inspired by everything they have accomplished. They are just simply amazing.”

The many stakeholders of CICS could not agree more than Kirsten is simply amazing. Whether you were recruited by her, taught by her, served as a GA for her, had her as a formal or informal advisor, or engaged with her in any number of ways, Kirsten is likely still someone you credit for sticking and making a difference.

CICS Director Dennis Trinkle responded to Kirsten being highlighted by saying that “Kirsten is an inspirational leader and mentor. She is unceasingly and unflinchingly focused on building inclusive and collaborative communities, in the technology sector and much more broadly.  Kirsten has devoted much of her career to helping others grow and working actively to effect positive change.  She has the amazing ability to bring people together and to see each person individually and help them grow.  She has the special spark that makes her a role model and inspiration in all she does.

Mentioned by Kirsten in her profile as a mentor to her, Dr. Steve Jones refers to Kirsten as the “secret ingredient” to The Center for Information and Communication Sciences. Traditionally, the faculty of CICS feels that the alumni are our special sauce, however, Kirsten not only has over two decades of service to CICS, she is an alumni as well! Jones commented that “Kirsten Smith is one of the most selfless educators and leaders I have known in my twenty-seven years in higher education. She has never wavered from putting students first in any discussion or decision concerning their path to success. Patient, even-tempered when I know my internal sirens would be flashing “meltdown!” in a situation, she has been the constant anchor for our graduate students when they stumble or just need someone to vent with about graduate studies! She understands better than anyone as she accomplished what they have been subjected to a couple decades ago. I learned more from her as she always brought a unique perspective to every challenge, failed to learn how to say ‘no’ when asked to help, led by example not words, and has shown everyone in the Center how leaders should serve other first.”

Learn more about AOTMP at their website. Read the June 2021 Insights here. But, please take time to review Kirsten’s profile to learn more about her and her dedication and service to inclusion in technology. Also, learn more about the Women Working in Tech organization that Kristen champions at Ball State.