Steve Jones

Steve Jones


“There’s not enough space to say how much Dr. Jones means to me. Dr. Jones has been a professor, mentor, and constant supporter to me. He and his family went above and beyond to help me and my family out when I was a graduate student and my health (over and over again) failed me. Dr. Jones is a true gem in this world that has helped hundreds reach their potential.”  Michelle Shaw, CICS Class of 2000, Lecturer, Marketing & Professional Sales at Indiana University – Kelley School of Business

“He took a chance on my recommendation and made a Religious Studies/Philosophy student working as a secretary his grad assistant. Last I heard, she was muddling along at some bank or something, engaged to some creative-type dude… He paid me back by sending one of his minion to work with me when I needed someone with a high pain tolerance for an impossible role. And, he once visited me at work, took one look at the sad phone system there, pulled out his Leatherman, and immediately fixed a grounding issue that had thwarted contractors for months. Jedis wear t-shirts with pictures of Jones.” Jeff Helm, CICS Class of 1995, Chief Information Officer at Youth Opportunity Center

“Pretty vividly remember the first time I met Jones. Dr. Sundaram set it up – with the straightest face he asks me “what instruments do you play? Trying to get the band back together next year, so I am really only looking for people who play an instrument.” For about 10 seconds, I genuinely thought that all my grad school hopes are gone bc I dropped out of band class in 8th grade.” 
Rushi P, CICS Class of 2015, Solutions Engineer at Alteryx

“I owe so much to Dr. Jones and couldn’t even begin to repay him for all he’s done for me and the countless other CICS alums! There are too many memories that come to mind, most of which revolve around swimming (I’m still not sure how he sweet-talked me into doing Masters swimming while in grad school….) I vividly remember when he came to recruit at Alma my senior year and he got in the pool with our swim team for morning practice. I remember thinking, “who is this and what is he doing working out with us at 5am?”

At the time, I wasn’t sure that grad school or CICS was the right next step for me, but later that day when I interviewed with him, he convinced me pretty quickly. It probably had something to do with our mutual love of the Detroit Lions and the sport of swimming (and I’m sure he made a bet with me that he could beat me in a Butterfly or 400 IM race). CICS is still the best decision I ever made!! Thank you, Dr. Jones.”  Christine Polinac, CICS Class of 2012, Product & Partner Marketing Manager – Digital Operations

“Dr. Jones is one of the main reasons I decided to join CICS. I still remember meeting him for the first time back in Western Michigan University as an undergraduate student 9 years ago and pretty much he recruited me then and there. Interacting with him and talking with him about Michigan sport-teams on semi daily basis used to always make my day, and I sure now attribute a lot of my professional life success to him. Thank you Dr. Jones for everything!” Mohammed Al-Dawoud, CICS Class of 2012, Contracts Representative at Saudi Aramco

“He is the man, the myth, and the legend. He mentored me even if he didn’t realize that’s what he was doing. I owe him so much. If only I knew how to repay him.” Drew Skaros, M.S., CICS Class of 2018, Customer Success Associate at Citrix

“Dr. Jones continues to be one of my absolute favorite people. He was incredibly influential in convincing me to pursue a Master’s degree in the CICS program, and I can’t imagine my experience without his leadership and encouragement.

Dr. Jones simultaneously motivated and intimidated, but only because he embodies everything we strive to become as professionals. His constant advice remains relevant to me in my career today.

he most amazing thing is that my story isn’t unique. Dr. Jones was/is that person for everyone in the program, and I’m incredibly thankful to have studied under him.” Christopher Rowe, CICS Class of 2012 , Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer