Dr. Anna Stumpf Receives ITERA Outstanding Faculty Award

Mar 26, 2021

The Information and Telecommunications Education and Research Association (ITERA) has named Dr. Anna Stumpf the recipient of the “Above and Beyond” graduate faculty award.

Anna Stumpf

For over 15 years ITERA has sought to recognize both junior and senior faculty for their unusual contributions to our complex and challenging hybrid field.  In notifying CICS of the award, ITERA stated the following about the award itself:

As our name implies, the Information, Technology, Education, and Research Association has a broad interest range and we depend on the dedication of both junior and senior faculty and the students they educate for the future of the field. The year 2020, provided a set of challenges which most of us had not faced in our careers to date. 

It was complicated, frustrating, at times disquieting, and discouraging for faculty and their students, as well as for administrators, staff, and others. In creating the 2020 “Above and Beyond” awards it was our hope to specially recognize a few faculty who faced the challenges of 2020 head on and helped their students to move forward in the midst of tough times.

In the nomination of Dr. Stumpf for the graduate faculty award, Dennis Trinkle, Director of CICS, had this to say:

“At the graduate level, it is my pleasure to nominate Dr. Anna Stumpf.  Anna joined the CICS program a year ago and has brought a remarkable energy and creativity to the CICS program. Anna’s background has been in social media and marketing, consulting, and leadership.  She has refreshed multiple electives for the program, including the courses on consulting, business fundamentals, and communication. Working with adult learners, her courses have been immediately popular with students. 

More importantly, she has demonstrated a terrific ability to motivate and inspire.  Anna is more a coach and mentor than merely an instructor.  Relatedly, her impact outside the program has been broad and deep.  Anna has led a social learning series that brings a leading speaker(s) in each week to offer a webinar.  And, she has shared her experience and expertise with social media to great effect in helping students to develop their personal brands—and gain jobs quickly before or right after graduation.  Dr. Stumpf has applied these same skills to helping attract new students, and is doing a wonderful job growing the new online program.  In sum, Dr. Stumpf has brought great energy to the CICS program and has positively touched every aspect of the program.  Anna is a true Rockstar and goes above and beyond in every way.  Her efforts in this extraordinary year represent precisely what the ITERA award is intended to honor.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Anna Stumpf for receiving this incredibly deserving award.