CIO/CTO Advanced Certificate Program

Jan 11, 2021

The Ball State Center for Information and Communication Sciences in partnership with the Indy CIO Network is offering an advanced certificate for CIO/CTOs. Seats are limited for this program.

Dr. Dennis Trinkle co leads this program with Jeff Ton.

Dennis is the Director of the Center of Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University; a US News & World Report Top 25 program, the only ranked program in Indiana. He is the author and editor of 18 books and more than 50 articles on technology, teaching and learning, history and leadership. He is a frequently invited keynote speaker at international events on business, innovation and technology topics. He sits on many boards, consults and advises in several industries and organizations, including many non-profits.

Jeff is the founder and manager of the Indy CIO Network, which is is a networking group for Central Indiana CIOs and Senior IT Leaders Jeff is a highly coveted speaker, author, IT expert, and leadership explorer. Jeff is inspired by the “lightbulb moments” that people experience. Whether he’s coaching a CIO or teaching a group of future IT leaders, Jeff enables people to recognize the potential in themselves to take the next steps in their careers through the use of technology and innovative approaches to leadership.


The six sessions involved in this program will prepare you to lead through the constant disruptions ahead in a professional development mindset that we have often lost as priorities over the last two years. The program begins on August 19th, please email Dr. Dennis Trinkle at with any questions or to register.

CIO Program