CICS Awards Cyrus Green 2021 Student Researcher of the Year

Jul 26, 2021
Cyrus Green
Cyrus Green

You may recall seeing Cyrus Green’s name in our news in April of 2021 as he was the first BSU student to receive the prestigious Boren Fellowship. When Cyrus wasn’t working as a Graduate Assistant in CICS, taking a full load of courses in our 11 month graduate program, or taking additional language classes outside of CICS, he was conducting research. Part of that dedication to research on top of his other responsibilities is why Cyrus as named the Researcher of the Year for 2021 by the CICS faculty. The other reason is the level and relevance of his important research. Here are some highlights of what Cyrus worked on this year:

– Led a team supporting a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Big Data investigation
– Oversaw the collection and analysis of open-source intelligence to inform targeted DHS actions
– Collaborated with senior federal and industry stakeholders to automate intelligence collection
– Advised a mission-critical client’s cloud migration with cybersecurity research and strategy
– Analyzed cyber threat intelligence on Iranian APT groups for Advanced Cybersecurity curriculum

Cyrus updated his LinkedIn the weekend before graduation with an update approved for the public, which not much of his work with Homeland Security is approved, he had this to say:

Amidst many, many other projects, I have had the opportunity to lead a team of colleagues in support of an ambitious Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) initiative. Housed within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the HSI mandate encompasses a diverse range of law enforcement and national security responsibilities. Our team supported HSI by tackling Big Data challenges facing the agency; ultimately, we developed a proof of concept for automating the identification of potential criminal activity. We also had the opportunity to brief senior leadership from HSI and partner agencies on our progress.
Due to the success of the framework developed by Ball State University – The Center for Information and Communication Sciences, I’m proud to announce that our work will serve as the foundation for an official partnership between HSI and CICS. Moving forward, selected CICS students will have the opportunity to complement their studies with internships at the HSI Innovation Lab. I am thrilled to have helped lay the groundwork for this partnership, and I can’t wait to see what this collaboration will achieve in the future. I cannot praise my team enough for their dedication to the project, even as our workload peaked during the spring. I also want to thank our HSI partners and CICS faculty for their flexibility, support, and investment in national security opportunities at CICS. I anticipate great things to come!

Cyrus has left a legacy in CICS due to his willingness to get involved, his veracious appetite for research, and his heart for service. This is truly a remarkable endeavor and one that was made possible for future CICS students because of Cyrus.

Cyrus was a co-author with Christopher Nouhan and Dr. Dennis Trinkle on the newly released Horizon Report, he worked with both of those individuals again on the release of Recipes for Success: How to Build a Business book. We are so incredibly proud of the hard and unique work that Cyrus has done throughout CICS, but especially in his research. Congratulations to you, Cyrus!

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