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Gratitude – CICS Included in Ball State Story

Aug 10, 2020

Ball State alumni and current students share one thing in common: their gratitude for our faculty and the opportunities they provide. Keyera Contsable ’17, CICS Online student Paul Faria ’21, and Demi Vaughn ’19 share their Ball State experience and the gratitude they have for the support of talented faculty and staff. Guided by Beneficence,Read More

CICS Contributes to Ball State Description of Excellence

Aug 10, 2020

Ball State’s commitment to excellence means we commit to excel in all that we do. CICS Online student Paul Faria ’21 joins undergraduates Demi Vaughn ’19, and Jeffrey Brown ’20 to reflect on how Ball State transformed their lives through not just education, but what Ball State University stands for. We inspire pride and confidenceRead More

CICS Tells the Story of Social Responsibility for Ball State University

Aug 10, 2020

Paul Faria CICS Online ’21 and CICS Online faculty member Anna Stumpf each describe their own roles, as well as the role of Ball State University, in promoting social responsibility in our community. By learning and growing together, our students, faculty, alumni, and supporters embrace a bright future where you can thrive. We’re about moreRead More

Our Commitment to Inclusion

Aug 10, 2020

When Ball State University wants to tell the story of emphasis on inclusion as part of campus culture, LaJoi Robinson CICS Online ’21, Paul Faria CICS Online ’21, and CICS Online faculty member Anna Stumpf discuss the culture of inclusiveness at Ball State and how it elevates their educational experience.